Kevin Oldham biography


Kevin Oldham taught in three schools in Tower Hamlets in a surprisingly lengthy career.


‘St. Cupid’s: The Rise and Fall of an Inner-City School’ by Kevin Oldham


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When young teacher Paul Flynn arrives at St. Cupid’s, a secondary school situated in the heart of London’s east end, he encounters a daunting and alien world: poverty-stricken children, incompetent managers and teachers who are wilder than their students. After some hilarious mishaps, he soon settles in, finding that he has mastered the art of getting the kids to behave, an achievement most of his colleagues find impossible. He’s become a successful survivor in a world of surreal lunacy, with teaching a secondary consideration to enjoying life. However, in the 1990s, disaster strikes: Miss MacDougall is retired and is replaced by a maniac from the north, Mr Crutwell. This man sucks all the life out of the school with his insane desire to boost the results in any way possible. Will Paul survive? Will Crutwell ever get the come-uppance he richly deserves? Read this fantastic novel and find out!