Songs of Innocence and Experience: A Study Guide

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Why did William Blake call his book of poetry “Songs of Innocence and Experience”?

Why do some critics say his poem “The Tyger” is about the French revolution?
Why did he illustrate his poems with pictures?
Why is Blake’s rose “sick”?
What is the “youthful harlot’s curse” in the famous poem “London”?

This is the ultimate study guide to William Blake’s classic poetry collection “Songs of Innocence and Experience”. Written by an experienced teacher and author, it not only contains all of the relevant verse , but also includes substantive comprehension questions and thorough analysis of every poem. Furthermore, there are sections which discuss Blake’s life and the context of his work in depth, the poetic techniques he deployed, and how students can gain a good grade when writing essays on him. Above all, this guide is “Blakean” in spirit; it provides links to the author’s video explanations and performed versions of the poems. While it is highly informative — offering all the analysis required to gain a top mark in an exam or coursework — it also aims to provoke a genuinely personal response to the poems.


The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde: A Study Guide

For the price of a chocolate bar, you can become an expert on one of the greatest novels in the language!

Can you answer these questions about Stevenson’s famous horror story?

How was Stevenson influenced by a dream to write the story?

What famous murderers and grave-robbers inspired the most gruesome aspects of the novella?

Is this novel about sexual deviancy?

If you’d like to know the answers to these questions and much more, then you should read this study guide on Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella, ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’. It discusses the background to the book and provides a great deal of analysis of the actual text itself, with a focus on the kinds of questions that are asked at GCSE and A Level. The guide contains:

Detailed discussion of the contexts of the novella;
An analysis of the book’s structure and themes, and the ways in which the structure is influenced by the themes of the story;
In-depth analysis of key passages in the book;
Links to YouTube videos the author has made which explain the background, structure and key quotes in the novel.

Crucially, the study guide focuses upon the text of the book, providing generous quotations from the text itself, followed by detailed analysis written in the formal academic style expected in coursework and examinations. An excellent way of revising the book would be to read through the second half of this study guide, absorbing the key quotes, reading the analysis, and answering the discussion point questions either in your head or on paper. This would provide a very firm grounding for taking an exam or completing coursework on the novella. It is written by an experienced teacher who has taught the book for many years in the classroom and can be contacted through his website if there are any other further questions:

“Clearly Francis Gilbert is a gifted and charismatic teacher.” Philip Pullman, former teacher and author of ‘Northern Lights’.

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde: The Study Guide Edition


Are you struggling to understand Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”?

Or are you an English teacher wanting ready-made exercises and guidance to help you teach this difficult text? Do your students need support to understand the language properly and work independently on the book?

This brilliant edition of Stevenson’s novel may be the answer to your prayers. Written by an experienced teacher and best-selling author, this version is aimed at students who must analyse the text in depth or teachers wanting to deliver outstanding lessons on it. This book contains an annotated complete text, numerous essays on the novel, including detailed accounts of Robert Louis Stevenson’s life, relevant contexts and discussion of vital themes and imagery. The complex vocabulary of the book is analysed throughout, and simple explanations of what is happening punctuate each chapter. Furthermore, there are academic explorations of the issues as well as comprehensive question and answer sections at the end of each chapter, including a “fill-in-the-blanks” summary to check understanding. At the end of the guide, there is advice on how to write successful essays and assignments. There are also plenty of pointers to help students develop their own personal responses, including thought-provoking thematic questions, links to the author’s YouTube readings and explanations, and creative response tasks.

You can buy the book on Amazon, or here at the CreateSpace shop.

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde: A dramatic adaptation of Stevenson’s classic novel

Jekyll cover2

“Gilbert writes so well that you half-suspect he could give up the day job.” The Independent.

This dramatic version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde”, brings out the full horror of the original story as well as being a compelling play in its own right. Stevenson’s narrative has been adapted so that six actors can perform it. This is the only stage version which is genuinely faithful to the text, using Stevenson’s words where appropriate, as well as his chapter headings. It would be ideal for students to perform in small groups, particularly if they find the original text difficult to understand. There are comprehension questions and creative tasks to answer on every scene so that students can check their understanding and develop their own personal responses.

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I aim to expand the remit of FGI Publishing in the future. I’m interested in looking at submissions which are well-written, original, imaginative and socially relevant, whether they are fiction, non-fiction, drama or poetry. I am not seeking to publish genre fiction at this moment in time, but if a writer feels they have invented a new genre then I may consider a proposal. At the moment, I am using Amazon’s CreateSpace platform to publish paperback books on, and using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing to publish e-books on Kindle: this means all FGI Publishing’s books are available on all Amazon websites across the world. However, I may use other platforms and printers to publish books in the future.

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What books have been published on FGI Publishing?

So far, I have published a number of my own books using the FGI Publishing imprint.

The following titles are available in paperback and on Kindle (e-book) on all Amazon sites:

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde: The Study Guide Edition

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: A Study Guide

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde: A dramatic adaptation of Stevenson’s classic novel

Songs of Innocence and Experience: A Study Guide

Star-crossed: Romeo and Juliet for Teenagers

How To Get A Great English Degree

These titles are available on Kindle (e-book) only:

Frankenstein: A Study Guide

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The Hound of the Baskervilles: A Study Guide

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